Buyers - When To Get The Best Deals

 Yay! Its Estate Sale Day! 

The First Day of a sale is typically pretty hectic. Our sale times are usually 9am to 4pm (check the Sale listing on for exact time). So what time should you get there? That is up to the buyer and if you have something you are really interested in. We always arrive early to set up for the sale. If we have people waiting and we are done setting up early we will let buyers go ahead and enter the sale. Again that depends on what all has to be done that morning and can vary by sale. We are always open and ready for shoppers at our listed start time. 

If you are really interested in an item it doesn't hurt to arrive a little early. The old saying is the early bird gets the worm and with Estate Sales maybe the early bird gets the best deal! 

The Last Day - some shoppers may argue that the best deals can be found the last day of the sale. Most sales offer a significant discount on items still remaining the last day of the sale. Even if you shopped the first day chances are you will find something the last day that you never saw on the first day of the sale. With fewer items in the home it is easier to see things and sort through items. 

What time of day do you prefer to shop?