Treasure Awaits!



As we have said many times -  when not hosting Estate Sales we like to shop Estate Sales. This helps give us an idea of the market and how other companies may price items so that we can make sure we are competitive within the market. So what do we look for when we are shopping an Estate Sale?

Iris is always on the lookout for silver - sterling items are what she has fun treasure hunting for while at sales. 

Beth always enjoys looking for vintage Pyrex dishes in different patterns. She not only loves the look of them but also loves using them. 

Maddie is always on the lookout for games. Doesn't matter if it is a board game or an outdoor game that is her go to. To date she has about 7 different versions of Clue and her favorite outdoor game from an Estate Sale was bocce ball.

Dustin is always going to head for the tools. As he tells Beth... "You can never have to many tools."

And Jerry rounds out our bunch and can typically be found checking out the book section at an Estate Sale. He likes to look for vintage books or his next good read. 

What is your favorite thing to look for?