Frequently Asked Questions

 Below are some commonly asked questions to help you better understand what we do.

Frequently Asked Questions and Additional Information

What exactly does an Estate Sale company do?

Services may vary by company. Below is a list of what to expect when you go with Shadetree Partners Estate Sales. 

Sale Preparation: The Shadetree Partners team will come into the home and price all the items that are for sale. And when we say all items, we mean ALL items. One of our team members will physically touch every item (no matter how small) within the home, evaluate it and put a price on it. 

We will bring in tables to help organize the sale and set up displays so that your items have the best chance of selling. 

All items? Is that a little excessive? The answer is no. We have a lot of customers who follow our sales because they know when they walk thru the door, they are going to have an easy and pleasant experience as a buyer. Buyers can easily be lost if they have to locate someone to ask about a price on an item. 

Marketing: In order for people to come to your sale they need to know about your sale. We do offer several different marketing packages that we will go into further later. 

Day of the Sale:  The day of the sale Shadetree Partners will have multiple team members on site to assist buyers and help the sale run smoothly. 

After the Sale: Once the sale is over our job is complete. Any items unsold will remain within the home. 

How long does the Estate Sale Last?

The average Estate sale is a 2 to 3 day event depending on the size of the home and the quantity of items to liquidate. In order to prepare for the sale Shadetree Company will come into the home two to three weeks prior to the sale to price and photography items. This allows us plenty of time to market your sale. 

What is my cost to have an Estate Sale?

Shadetree Partners charges a percentage of the overall sales. That means that there is no upfront cost. Please contact us for specifics. 

Do I have enough items to hold an Estate Sale?

Typically, if you are looking to liquidate an entire household you will have enough items for an Estate Sale. For example an entire household would be considered a 3 bedroom home with living area, kitchen, etc. With that said - all sales are different and we are not a one size fits all company. Homes come in all different shapes and sizes and so do Estate Sales! 

What type of items make a good Estate Sale? 

Again each sale is different! That is what makes Estate Sales unique and is why we have many buyers who follow our sales. A good sale will have a mix of items: small appliances, electronics, books, clothes, furniture, tools, yard items, decor, kitchen items, furniture, etc. Bed linens, towels and cleaning supplies tend to also be great sellers. 

Again each sale is unique! The saying is true - one man's junk is another man's treasure. 

What items sell good at an Estate Sale?

Again each sale is different. Below is a short list of common items that have sold well in the past:

  • Tools of any kind
  • Leaf blowers, weed-eaters, chainsaws, and other outdoor equipment
  • Patio Furniture
  • Grills
  • TV's
  • Records
  • Any vintage items
  • Costume Jewelry and/or real Jewelry
  • Gold and silver coins
  • Guns and Hunting items
  • Home d├ęcor items such as mirrors and unique art work
  • Furniture (when in good condition)
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Kitchen Items such as pots and pans and dishes
  • Linens and Bath Towels
  • Puzzles, books and board games

Are there any items that typically do not sell well?

Again, we hate to repeat it but each sale is different. There have been times when prepping a sale that we have thought to ourselves "Oh that item is going to be a hard sale" but then it sells the first day! With that said some items really need the right buyer. Some items that seem to be harder to sell and possibly remaining after the sale are:
  • Older furniture - if furniture is outdated (and not considered vintage or antique) or extremely large it can sometime remain unsold. If a piece of furniture is stained or in bad condition it may not sell.
  • Dining room sets - from our experience most older generations already have a dining room set  and younger generations do not desire to have a dining room set. Plus they are hard to move. Again though each sale is different and just depends on the right buyer attending your sale. 
Regardless if you think an item may not sell we ask that you please leave them in place till we have had an opportunity to review them. You would be surprised some items you may not think will sell, will in fact sell!

What should I do with Sterling, Jewelry, or other High Value items?

We suggest selling anything you wish sold at the Estate Sale. We will market your high end items and we often have buyers that will come specifically looking for these items. For jewelry we do have a locked glass cabinet so that your items will be safe during the sale until sold. 

What will you do if you find personal items while preparing for the sale?

Even though you and other family members may have gone thru the home it is very common for us to find personal items. We consider personal items to be money, photographs, documents, and possibly jewelry. It is quite common that when going thru drawers and closets that we will find personal items - a picture placed as a bookmark in a book, money left in a coat pocket, etc. All items we deem personal will be placed in a box and given to you. If it is jewelry or another item that could be sold we will contact you and send a photo so that you can decide if it is something you wish to keep or sell. 

Marketing - How will you advertise my sale?

It is in the interest of the Homeowner and of Shadetree Partners Estate Sales that the Estate Sale be a success! Over the years we have learned different areas require different marketing strategies. Sales are always advertised via Social Media, Local Newspapers, Online Marketing, and our internal email list. 

 How will you price my items?

At Shadetree Partners we price your items to sell. We know the market and know what buyers are willing to pay. For unique items we do research to determine value and price those items accordingly.

An Estate Sale is a liquidation, it is not a storefront so prices are adjusted daily so that you are not left with unsold items. We typically follow a three-day sale price pattern. The first day all items are priced as marked. The second day of the sale all items are 25% off. The third day of the sale all items (unless otherwise specified) are 50% off. Items are only worth what someone is willing to pay for them. We price your items at a reasonable price so that they are likely to sell the first day. This price guide brings many return shoppers to the sale. 

Just keep in mind the more money you make the more money that we will make so we will do our best to ensure that your sale is a success. 

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes! We are set up so that buyers may pay with a credit card. 

Do you presale items?

No, we do not allow public or online presales. 

Do you allow your staff to make purchases?

Yes, we believe that is one of the perks we offer to our staff. With that said any staff purchases will be the same price that it would be sold to anyone else. There is no staff discount. 

What is the post sales process?

The sale is over what now? Once the sale is over our job of liquidating is completed and any items that remain unsold with be left as is in the home. We are not a cleaning company, but would be happy to refer some to you if you would like. We have a list of vendors for the majority of the counties we service and we would be happy to share that with you. 

Anything left over after the sale it is your choice of donating or disposing of. We do offer post sale packaging of your items but please note that is a separate fee.

After the sale is completed you will given a totals sheet showing the total amount made from the sale, Shadetree Partners percentage and your profit amount. 

Do you have a contract?

Yes! We have a contract we will review with you prior to any work being performed.  

Are you insured?

Yes, our company is insured.

Do you charge taxes?

We are a business so you will receive a 1099 form from your sale. Also because we are a business we do charge sales tax to the buyer during the sale.

What do you need from me the homeowner?

The only thing we ask is that you have the items you do not wish to sale removed from the premises prior to the sale or have them in a separate room that we can have blocked off during the sale so that there is no confusion.

Have questions we did not answer above? Let us know! Feel free to contact us on social media or

 Contact us at (706)273-9191 or via email