Repurpose Items Holiday Edition

I love the holidays! I love the lights. I love the decorations. I love the feel in the air. I love the reason for the season.  I love it all!

And I especially love holiday decoration on a budget. 

When this picture of the small crocs used as a centerpiece came across my Facebook newsfeed I couldn't help but think how perfect it was. I quickly did a search trying to find the original poster to no luck. I would have like to have given this person credit for such a wonderful idea!

What a great way to breath new life into a piece in an unexpected way. We see these all the time at our Estate Sales and I admit I would have never thought to reuse them this way. 

Here is another cute repurpose - a vintage enamel pot used to hold a small Christmas tree. 

Picture via Pinterest Click To Visit

Also a great idea to add some vintage touches to your farmhouse kitchen. Take an old sifter and throw in some pine and berries. Instant beauty!

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Another cute idea for the kitchen. This person took an old frying pan and turned it into a beautiful winter wonderland. I admit this may be my favorite so I am going to have to add one of these pans to my watch list and try to recreate this next Christmas

Picture via Pinterest Click To Visit

Have you turned something into holiday d├ęcor you want to share with us? Share it with us on Facebook!