Glass of an Estate Sale

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

We are back in Ellijay prepping for our upcoming Glass of an Estate Sale which will be held on Talona Mountain in Elljay. 

This sale is small but offers some really great items! Ms. Pat was an avid collector. You can tell each piece in her home was chosen for it's beauty or uniqueness. 

If you have followed us for long or read our About Us page you will already know that I am a Pyrex lover! Ms. Pat was also a Pyrex lover and what a neat collection she has! With her open shelving in the kitchen all were on perfect display. If you ask Iris I am sure she would say my jaw dropped when walking into the cabin and seeing the beautiful display. 

This sale features many items from the Pyrex Friendship line. Like all vintage Pyrex some are in better condition than others but overall most are in great shape! This sale also features a large collection of red and green glassware, antique furniture, a vintage electric stove (that works!), an antique icebox, farmhouse table, church pew, a few tools and so many other fun finds. 

Here are a few of our favorite finds from this sale:

Hope you will join us December 8 & 9 and share with us what your favorite find is!