What to expect when the sale is over

We warn our owners / estate executors what to expect at our initial meeting but sometimes it can still come as a shock to see the aftermath of an Estate Sale. 

Shadetree Partners Estate Sales is just that, an Estate Sale Company. Once the sale is over our job of liquidating is completed and any items that remain unsold will be left as is in the home. 

But what does that mean? That means that when the sale is over we will remove the items from our tables, pack up our tables and signage, and leave the premises. We are not a cleaning company so any items not sold will remain just as they are. 

So the sale is over, we have packed up our tables and left. What can the owner / estate executor expect next?

Shadetree Partners will total up all the receipts and money and provide the owner / estate executor  with a preliminary sale total typically within 24 to 48 hours of the end of the sale. 

Once all checks have cleared and credit card payments have finished processing we work quickly to get the owner / executor paid! The owner / executor will be given copies of all receipts from the sale that will show the items that were sold and the price for which they sold. You will also be given a totals sheet showing the total amount made from the sale, Shadetree Partners percentage and your profit amount. 

But what about the items that didn't sale?

Each Estate Sale is different. The average estate sale will sell between 80 and 85 percent of items included in the sale. The hard truth is that there will always be some items that do not sell for whatever reason. 

Option 1: At the end of the sale the owner / executor can choose what to do with the remaining items. In some areas local thrift stores will come and pick up the remaining items and take them as a donation. Or the owner / executor may have to hire a junk removal company to remove the rest of the items. 

We do have a list of vendors in each area we are happy to share with you. 

Option 2: This is to overwhelming.... We know this can be overwhelming and for some owners / executors that live out of the area this may be a hard thing to coordinate. For an additional fee Shadetree Partners Estate Sales can handle the removal of remaining items. Please note this is not a inhouse service. This is a service that we coordinate thru outside vendors. If the home needs to be cleaned after the contents are removed we can also coordinate that.

We hope this helps explain a little more in depth of what to expect after an Estate Sale. If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to contact us.