The Estate Sale Big No No

Our biggest no no is owners pulling an item before the sale starts without telling us

If you are an owner or executor of the estate I'm sure you are thinking, "But it's my stuff!"

We get it. We really do. This is your stuff. But let me explain...

For this example I am going to say that you (the owner / executor) decides to pull a quilt. 

Say you choose to do a  walk thru a few days before the Estate Sale is to take place. "Oh no! I missed my great grandmothers quilt but saw it laid out on my final walk thru before the sale. I pulled it because I just can't sell my great grandmothers quilt!"

We get it. We really do. This is your stuff. 

But the problem happens if you pull the quilt and do not tell us you pulled it. 

Huh? Why would that be a problem?

The problem is that we take pictures and try to show all of the items that will be for sale. This helps buyers plan ahead of time for things they will be looking for. Having quality pictures of the entire sale also helps to bring in more buyers. 

In the time leading up to the Estate Sale we advertise and highlight certain items that will be at the sale. If the quilt is one of those items and then it is not there the day of the sale we have falsely advertised. 

Shadetree Partners Estate Sales works for you the owner / executor but we have built a large following of buyers that come and shop our sales. These buyers frequent our sales because they know our prices are fair and that what is advertised is what will be there for sale. 

Now picture it. It is 9am on the first day of the Estate Sale. We have a buyer who is looking for the quilt they saw pictured online. They search the house and can't find it. They ask a Shadetree Team member. Iris says, "Oh yes I priced that. It was in the bedroom." Iris and the buyer walk to the bedroom and the quilt is not there. It is missing. 

By having missing items it makes us appear unreliable and can tarnish our reputation. 

That is not good for us which in turn would not be good for our owners / executors. 

But back to the quilt we completely understand you overlooked your Great Grandmothers quilt on your initial walk thru. It happens. We understand and so do buyers. If you let us know you are pulling the quilt from the sell we will remove it from our pictures and our advertising. We will also make a note that you pulled the item on listing advertisement. No harm done. 

Moral of the story - if you (as the owner / executor) pull an item before the sale please let us know. 

Have questions? Let us know!