Elbow Grease

Have you ever picked up something and thought "this may be to far gone."

I know I have! 

But for the right deal I am willing to give almost anything a chance. Recently I was donating some stuff to our local thrift store and while there decided to do a walk thru. On a shelf sat a small Fire King dish. We all know that I love Pyrex. And I like to think of Fire King as Pyrex's cousin.... but still I try to only purchase dishes I will actually use. At this size this would make a great bread dish or a dish to set out with chips or crackers in it when hosting. For $6 I was surprised it was still here. 

Upon flipping it over and inspecting it there was some discoloration and wear to the dish but nothing a little elbow grease couldn't clean up. Especially seeing as how the design was so bright and vibrant! 

Many times at our Estate Sales items will look like this and I feel like buyers may pass over them thinking they may be more trouble to clean than they are worth. Its easy to see the marks from use and pass an item by. I am sure that is why this dish still sat at the thrift store. 

With a scrubdaddy and a little bar keepers friend cleaning powder I was able to clean off the brown areas on the Fire King dish. I was careful not use these on the are where the design was and just scrub the brown spots. This did take some time. I would scrub it. Allow it soak. Scrub some more. Rinse. And repeat. Once I got the spots removed as best I could I washed the whole dish with Dawn Powerwash. 

This item, like many used items, just need a little love and a little elbow grease to be good as new! It may not be perfect but definitely looks better than before!

What's an item you took a chance on?