New Finds For Old Things

Of course we love a junk to treasure find or a good repurpose. Iris and I always say when we are not hosting sales we like to shop Estate Sales.... and this is true. This past summer on a trip to Kentucky we visited several antique shops and flea markets. At one stop I found several vintage enamel lids. The lids were not in the best shape but for $1 each I thought I might find some use for them. 

A couple months later I was looking at my entry way and realized I needed something on that blank wall. But nothing that would stick out far.... and what came to mind.... those old enamel lids I had brought home and cleaned up. A few command strips and they were up on the wall. 

They add some character to this space and are definitely unique. 

What have you found a new use for? We would love for you to share with us!