A New Use For Everything - Repurposing

Who doesn't love a good repurpose? I personally love the idea of giving a new use to something! 

Today we are going to share four of our favorite repurpose projects we found when looking thru Pinterest:

1. Grandfather / Grandmother clocks. 

The majority of our sales include Grandfather / Grandmother clocks. And most sales these clocks are in working order. But what if you come across one that isn't?  Check out this cute repurpose:

Picture courtesy of Pinterest

2. Lampshades - How often do you run across an old, kinda ugly but probably pretty back in the day lampshade? Pretty often. I admit until I saw this cute diy repurpose I had never given those old shades a second glance. Learn how to upcycle wire lampshade frames into Plant Stands with Craft Invaders.

3. Upcycle Piano - Piano's. They are big. They are bulky. And no one really wants to move them. Some are in good shape. Some may no longer play. But those that can no longer be played - those are usually the most beautiful. That is why I love this repurpose of turning a piano into a desk:

4. Travel Case - Now talk about cute! Etsy Seller sugarSCOUT takes vintage cases and turns them into charging stations. Click here to visit her shop and take a closer up look. 

Have you tried to upcycle an item you have purchased at one of our sales? If so we would love for you to share it with us!