Our Favorite Finds - A Little Something for Everyone Sale

After we are done sorting and arranging everything at an Estate Sale the three of us like to walk back through and pick out our favorite item. Iris and Maddie always know exactly what their favorite is..... me? Well I always tend to have more than one favorite and have to narrow it down. 

For our A Little Something For Everyone Sale my favorite pick was one that seemed to surprise the others. When pricing the sale I came upon an box of vintage toys. Vintage toys is a hot market! All those little boys have grown up into men who want the toys from their childhood. I didn't think this ugly little Mummy was anything special..... but boy was I wrong. A little research to revealed him to be a Madballs Head Popping Poppers Dust Brain Mummy. And he works! His head pops off and all! I just think he is different and would make a good addition to someone's collection. 

Maddie's favorite pick of this sale was an old, vintage radio cabinet. This is the perfect side table or night stand. It is beautifully done! The radio part closes up so that it is hidden but the main plus is the radio works!

Iris's pick for this sale were these beautiful crocheted snowflakes. She said she had never seen these in this large of a size. There is a beautiful collection of these that would make the perfect addition to anyone's Christmas decorations!

Come visit us and look for your favorite find!