Small But Mighty Sale September 9 & 10

Our small but mighty sale located just minutes from downtown Ellijay will be held September 9th and 10th.

This small cottage is a unique Estate Sale with some nice quality items. 

At each sale Iris and myself each have our "favorite items" - for this sale my favorite items are the Downtown Ellijay and Jasper prints. These are such beautiful pieces of art that remind me of a time when Ellijay was still a small town. For this sale there were also several other pieces of artwork that I caught myself saying "wow that is beautiful!" 

Iris's favorite find this sale when pricing was Fiesta Christmas Mugs. This was a fun find because it was something we have not seen at any of our previous sales. 

The only downside to our Small but Mighty sale is there is limited parking. We will have a parking attendant helping to direct traffic but please be mindful to not block the road. 

Come check out this cute, easy to get to sale!

- Beth