Favorite Finds from the This, That and More Sale

At each sale I like to do a feature of what our favorite items are from the sale. I admit I have a hard time sometimes picking just one item.... and this sale was one of those times! When pricing I kept saying "How neat," or "Look at this!"

Maddie's Favorite Find

Maddie loved this multipurpose, vintage stool. She loved that it could be used as a chair or a step stool.  I remember there being a similar one of these in my grandparents house when I was a kid. This is one of those great finds that you just don't see much any more. 

Iris's Favorite Find

Iris always likes to search for sterling silver pieces. At this sale she did not have to search hard to find this beautiful sterling silver serving set. This is a great piece that could be used or placed on display. 

Beth's Favorite Find

My favorite find was the stunning antique trunk. The outside is a beautiful mustard yellow and natural wood. Of all the trunks I have come across this one is in the best condition I have seen. The inside is in excellent shape. This piece would be perfect for holding quilts, photo albums, or any other thing you may need to store. It's flat top would make it even work as a multipurpose coffee table or side table. 

There were so many interesting pieces at this sale it was hard to pick just one! Here are a few other things the three of us considered Favorite Finds:

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